Telephone Consultations

Talk to one of our doctors via telephone from the comfort of your home or office at any time that suits you. No waiting rooms, no receptionists, just a direct line to one of our friendly doctors, 24/7.

*Call us on 0121 299 1986 to set up your account

How It Works

Create An Account By using an account and PIN set up, Talk To A Doctor gives employees and their families' easy and immediate access to the network of doctors and counsellors via a standard rate landline number.

Call the 24/7 Advice Line When members call, the doctors answer directly. There are no call handlers answering on their behalf, This allows members to start talking to an expert immediately at a time of their choosing.

There is no waiting for a doctor to ring you back at their convenience; doctors and counsellors are waiting for your call.


The Virtual Hospital Our Virtual Hospital will make sure you speak to a fully trained doctor that is suitable for your specific medical needs. Memebers can choose to speak to a doctor or hospital specialist in:

Child health
Women's health
General adult health
Men's health
Surgical questions

Our members are in direct control of which doctors they wish to speak to.

Continuity of Care Each doctor or counsellor has their own PIN that they can give to members should members need to speak to the same doctor or counsellor again.

Members can use this pin number so that they can ring back and talk to the same doctor or counsellor at a mutually convenient time.